SH Figuarts Nappa and Vegeta Release Dates and Prices Announced

The Shonen Jump Calendar has received its monthly update and this time there’s some big news! The long awaited and hugely anticipated SH Figuarts Nappa and Scouter Vegeta 2.0 figures have a release date and price! You may remember us posting about these figures when the prototypes were revealed at Tamashii Nation 2016, along with several others like Gotenks, Yamcha, Tien and more.

S.H. Figuarts ‘Scouter Vegeta 2.0’ has a tentative release date of July, 2017 at a price point of 5200JPY / $45.99. S.H. Figuarts ‘Nappa’ will see release in August, 2017 at a price of 6,000JPY / $54.99. Though I’d like to remind you that the USD prices are subject to change, this is just a rough estimate based on the JPY to USD conversion.

Now hopefully we will see release dates for Tien and Yamcha pop up in the coming months..

SH Figuarts Napa / Nappa and Scouter Vegeta 2.0

SH Figuarts Napa / Nappa and Scouter Vegeta 2.0

SH Figuarts Nappa and Scouter Vegeta 2.0

SH Figuarts

Scouter Vegeta 2.0

Release Dates:
Nappa – August, 2017
Vegeta – July, 2017

Nappa – 6,000JPY / $54.99
Vegeta – 5200JPY / $45.99

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  1. I’m not happy with Nappas face =( i mean i know the dude was ugly but …. they could had given him a better face, not the look of ”smell my finger! disgusting isn’t it” -_-
    The stank face is a real disappointment in my opinion.

  2. It’s GREAT!!!

    Well, I still don’t like that they are reusing Super Vegeta’s head, which is far from the art style of the Saiyan Saga, but… There’s Nappa, so It’s alright.hehe

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