Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Have it’s Own Forum?

A: We do not currently have our own official forum hosted here with the site. However, is a great resource.

Q: Do You Sell Dragon Ball Merchandise?

A: We are a news and information site and do not currently sell any merchandise.

Q: How Much Are My Dragon Ball Figures Worth?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as the market is always changing depending on the level of supply versus demand. Our best advice is to search for your figure on eBay, then check the box in the side bar that allows you to view completed listings. This gives you very recent data that shows what buyers are willing to pay.

Q: Can I Use the Images on Your Site?

A: Sure, just keep the water mark of the site’s logo intact and everything is fine. If the image does not have a water mark then it’s more than likely an official photo released by the manufacturer of the figure.

Q: You’re Missing (insert line of figures here), Will You Add Them To Your Site?

A: Sure! There’s a lot of Dragon Ball merchandise out there and it’s hard for us to keep track of it all. If you know of something we’re missing, feel free to bring it to our attention with an contact form.

Q: You’re Using My Photo Without Permission!

A: Whoa! Sorry about that. Many of our photos are e-mailed to us by users without water marks or requests and information as to where to give credit. If this applies to you, then let us know where to give due credit and we will comply happily.

If your question has not been answered here, please reach out via our contact form.