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This page features links to other blog sites and manufacturer sites of figure reviews and pictures.

S.H. Figuarts

List of recently released or announced S.H. Figuarts figures!


List of recently released or announced X-PLUS figures! There were quite a bit more previously released so those will be added with time!

S.H. Figuarts

All Dragon Ball figure collectors should know about this site by now. They have reviewed and taken numerous pictures of every S.H. Figuarts figure that has been released to date. There is no other site with a more comprehensive review than this.


This is one brand that first attracted me to figure collecting. They are known now for their PRIME1STUDIO collaborations, but before this, they made the Dimension of Dragon Ball line that featured non-posable figures that used fabric for clothing. They are also well known for Galz line that features the female characters from the series in varying proportions!

Banpresto WCF/DWC

This is another blog site and it has a lot of the WCF/DWC series. I dont think this is anywhere complete, but I also didn’t scroll through all 19 pages. Would be nice if Banpresto actually had a site with all the figures.

Banpresto 2021 Release Schedule

This is Banpresto’s site featuring their 2021 releases for the Ichibankuji line and also their claw machine figures.

Dragon Stars

There are actually three websites that have this information so I will include them all below and let you decide which one to follow. If you are a DS collector, let me know which one you prefer in the comments. I like how they display the pictures on this site, but dont like how the figure links to amazon for purchase. This one has a nice filtering system, but the features are a bit annoying. This one just showed you all the figures in one nice image.

Figuarts Zero

This is their statue line and this site had the best list IMHO. There is a separate link on the sid for Figuarts Zero EX, even though some ex figures are listed. You can even find the links to buy these on amazon.

Funko Pop

We don’t really cover these too much, but boy are there a lot of them. This site seems to have the most comprehensive list with nice photos and links to ebay to buy the figures.

Figure-rise Standard

Interesting how Bandai has a site for this series, but not others. I was tempted to buy one of these a while ago, but I just wasn’t motivated to put it together. I dont even like removing my figures and posing them so I never ended up buying this.

X-PLUS Gigantic Series

After Megahouse discontinued their DOD series, this became my next favorite figure series since the characters are so big and make an impact while on display. Since they dont articulate, theres no fuss setting it up. X-PLUS is better known for their godzilla figures, but they do other characters as well. This site is this guy selling his collection, but it is surprisingly complete.

Bandai Super Battle Collection 00 – 10
Collection 11 – 20
Collection 21 – 30
Collection 31 – 42 + SP

This was compiled from our very own Majin Rob. I will be working on the rest so stay tuned!

Plex Retro Sofubi Collection

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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