SH Figuarts “Kaioken Goku” Confirmed

Tamashii Nations has confirmed the upcoming release of the SH Figuarts “Kaioken Goku” which will be exclusive to the Tamashii Nations World Tour.

The Tamashii Nations World Tour will be stopping in New York City on April 29th and 30th, giving North American collectors the chance to grab the exclusive figure, which is set to retail for 6,500JPY / $60~


In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, TAMASHII NATIONS announces a worldwide tour of figure display events to be held in 10 cities over the course of the year.
The twofold aim is to thank all of the TAMASHI NATIONS fans who have supported the brand, and to spread the word about TAMASHII NATIONS to even more potential fans across the globe.

The World Tour kicked off in December, 2016 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It was followed by Hong Kong in February, and coming up in April, New York City.
The worldwide celebration will continue with exciting new events and product unveilings in Osaka, Mexico, and other cities leading up to October of 2017, with the final stop, TAMASHII NATION 2017, being held in November in Tokyo — a spectacular event commemorating the 10 year history of the beloved brand.

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  1. wtf why it’s exclusive -_- !!!! I have not get the chance to buy one of goku’s black hair sh figures, I think I will go with the normal first one at the end -_-

  2. Oh great it’s an exclusive meaning a lot of money on eBay since I live in England and I just bought the sdcc 2015 Goku for £205 just god dammit

  3. Interesting…this is my prediction for this year, with confirmed and hypothetical
    January: SSJ Gohan 2.0
    February: PCE Perfect Cell
    Late April: Kaio-Ken Goku
    May: XV Trunks and Hero
    July: PCE Scouter Vegeta
    August: Nappa
    October: Tien and Yamcha
    November: PCE Krillin (Anime)

    • It’s really possible. However, I would change PCE Krillin, for the new Goku SSJ3. And I also want a new DB Super figure this year (hopefully Black or the new Mirai Trunks).

    • I don’t think PCE Krillin will come to exist. If it does, I MIGHT pick it up, but I already have the original.

  4. It’s a convention exclusive? Well shoot. I need this, so I’ll probably spend more on it than I should in the aftermarket.

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