Tamashii Nation 2016 Coverage

The first photos from Tamashii Nation 2016, the premiere Tamashii Nations event, are starting to make their way around the web! The event has already revealed some extremely exciting figures in the SH Figuarts “Dragon Ball” line, as well as some brilliant looking effects pieces.

So far the new figures we’ve been shown are:

  • Scouter Vegeta 2.0
  • Nappa
  • Gotenks (with ghosts)
  • SS3 Goku 2.0
  • Yamcha
  • Tien
  • Kaioken Goku

No release dates and no prices for Tien, Yamcha, Scouter Vegeta 2.0, SS3 Goku 2.0 or Gotenks. Hopefully we will see these figures come out in the first half of 2017, but at this point it’s too early to say. I know I’ve been hoping for a Nappa figure for quite a long time and this version looks much better than the Napa that had been shown off years ago.

Check out the image gallery below:

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  1. If you’ve seen my YT videos, you know I’m a huge fan of the line. What I’ve never told you is… I own more than what’s in the videos. Should’ve said it a long time ago.

  2. The kaioken goku looks nice, we haven’t seen that yet. I would love for the nappa to drop and eventually a Raditz.

    • Yeah. I’m especially hoping for the SS3 Goku to get a release date (I’m not the biggest fan of Nappa, so that’s why I want SS3 Goku more)

  3. GREAT lineup. Gotta have that Vegeta 2.0. I do wish that he looked a little more like the animation style from that period though. Nappa is spot on! They’re usually great with that.

    • Dude, there’s no hope for him. LIST OF FIGURES THAT SAID “DISPLAY ONLY” THAT NEVER CAME OUT: Nappa 1.0, Shenron, Buu (Gohan), Buu (Gotenks), SS4 Goku, Jaco, GT Goku, Kid Goku, Angel Goku, SS God Goku, and many more.

      • I know it’s difficult but, being Goku I think It’s possible. After all, Bandai doesn’t get tired of releasing Goku and Vegeta figures again and again… and then, forgeting about the rest.hehe

  4. Man, I’m lovin the new molds! I hope Gotenks will come with a SS3 head (even though it most likely won’t.)

  5. I wonder why a release date for SS3 Goku isn’t up yet. (I know Nappa fans are probably triggered now)

  6. SS3 Goku is actually not a premium color edition. That’s a 2.0 version of him. He did not come with that face on the original release and take a look at the joints, as they’re a completely different mold.

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