Mystery HG Figure Revealed: Kefla

Some time ago we reported on a set of upcoming Dragon Ball Super ‘HG’ figures, which was set to include a mystery figure. Well it turns out the silhouette in the old photo was purposely misleading as the mystery figure is going to be “Kefla”!

The Universe 6 favorite is slated to appear in this set alongside Goku (Ultra Instinct), Hit and Gohan! The pre-orders should have already started at your favorite online retailer, so keep an eye out as this set should be arriving to buyers around March, 2018 and the retail value is at 5184JPY.

Caulifla - Dragon Ball Super HG

Caulifla - Dragon Ball Super HG


Check out the gallery below for pictures of all the figures in this upcoming HG wave:

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    • Sure Hit is the strongest fighter in the universe 6 and Kefla is actually fighthing Goku in his Ultra Instinct forms. Important indeed.

    • Because this is not Caulifla. This is Kefla the potaras fusion between Caulifla and Kale. Kale does have green hair in her two super saiyan form.

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