Toshiharu Kamei: “We Will Continue with the New Line of the First Dragon Ball Era”

A Spanish language news site has revealed via an interview with Maeda Testuya and Toshiharu Kamei that, provided “things go well”, their main intention is to continue releasing figures from the original “Dragon Ball” series.

A lot of excitement was stirred up after the announcement of the Master Roshi figure and many collectors were asking if there would be more figures from the original series. After all, Kid Goku is on it’s way and due for release January, 2018.

However, many important questions fans have been curious about have been asked by Mechanical Japan during their interview with Toshiharu Kamei, who is in charge of global sales in Spain and Latin America, and Maeda Tetsuya, who is a product developer.

We have an especially interesting key point from the interview, translated to English below. A link to the full interview can be found at the bottom of this post.

MJ: Let’s now focus on the exhibition. We have seen an extensive collection of Dragon Ball SHFiguarts, including some of the most interesting prototypes, such as the SHFiguarts by Muten Roshi first seen in our country, or the SH Figuarts by Son Goku as a child. Will Tamashii continue to launch SHFiguarts from this Dragon Ball saga? Will the SHFiguarts collection continue at a similar pace?
Toshiharu Kamei: Of course we will continue with the Dragon Ball SHFiguarts line and more specifically with the new line of the first Dragon Ball era. Many people in Spain have asked us if we will launch an SHFiguarts of Bulma, Krillin or Piccolo Daimaoh, so if things continue as well as we have done so far, this is our main intention.
Interesting questions with a promising answer..

The full interview is worth a read and can be found here.

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  1. Excellent news! Bulma, Krillin and Piccolo Daimao? Awesome! It’s great to see classic Dragon Ball get some love in this line.

    • I was a fan of DBZ growing up, but as an adult I finally jumped into reading DB and enjoyed it quite a bit. I am so excited to see a new line and hope they release the characters you mentioned.

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