Dragon Ball Super – HG “Tournament of Power”

A new series of HG figures are on the horizon and they’re modeled after the character design seen in the “Tournament of Power” saga in Dragon Ball Super. The set will consist of four figures, Goku (Ultra Instinct), Hit, Gohan and one mystery figure, shown below as a silhouette:


HG Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power


Pre-orders have already opened up for Japanese collectors, via Bandai of Japan’s website. Order will start reaching customers around March, 2018 and the retail value is at 5184JPY.

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  1. S.H. Figuarts need to hurry and finish up Z (ending it with Gotenks, Majin vegeta and the two buus’s) then going into Super line Making Hit,Zamasu, jiren and so much more maybe even ultra instinct Goku too

    • I do hope they create him, but not for a while. Figuarts should focus on more Z characters with occasional Super releases. I do not think people would like it if another Goku was announced instead of Gotenks, Majin Vegeta, Buu, etc.

      • Yeah, I feel sad about Majin Vegeta for example. Tamashii always show him in the fairs. But doens’t give us a release date for him. So I don’t doubt that they could show the Migatte no Gokui Goku and give a release date to him as they did to Goku Black before others figures from Z, like Gotenks and Majin Vegeta.

        • Poor SSJ4 Goku. Shown off several times at different fairs and still no release date in sight. I imagine Gotenks and Majin Vegeta will be released together soon, much like Golden Frieza/SSB Goku were, what with DBZ Kai Final Chapters (slowly) releasing episodes.

          • I think Tamashii ignores DBGT, we have only one figure from GT and is a statue of the SSJ4, wave Figuarts Zero EX. Sadness.

          • Yeah, poor SSJ4 Goku. I feel the same way about those Figuart Zero figures of Raditz and Bardock. They were displayed a few times as well, and I was so looking forward to adding them both to my collection, but now I don’t think they’ll ever see the light of day.

      • I will be also happier with Gotenks, Majin Vegeta and Buu!

        But also i wish Figures from Dragonball GT, like Adult Son Goku with GT Outfit and Super Saiyajin 4 Son Goku, Super Saiyajin 4 Vegeta and Super Saiyajin 4 Gogeta!

        And also Figures from the original as we get Kid Son Goku, i wish we get Piccolo Daimao and Teen Version from Son Goku and Piccolo Jr. from the 23 Tenkaichi Budokai! 🙂

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