Upcoming S.H. Figuarts Premium Color Cell and Super Saiyan Gohan Pricing

SH Figuarts Battle Damaged Gohan and Premium Color Cell

The pricing for the upcoming S.H. Figuarts “Premium Color Edition Cell” and “Super Saiyan Son Gohan” has been revealed. Premium Color Edition Cell will be priced at 5,200JPY before tax and Super Saiyan Gohan will be priced at 4,200JPY before tax. This translates to $51.90 and $41.92, respectively.

Keep in mind this is the pricing for the Japanese market, so if you’re buying from a North American retailer you may be seeing these figures priced differently.

Just in case you forgot, Gohan will be released in January, 2017 and Cell will be released the very next month in February.


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