Bandai to Sell Dragon Ball Figures in the Mexican Domestic Market

It’s no secret that Mexico has a huge Dragon Ball fan base and those fans are about to get treated to domestically sold Dragon Ball action figures! Bandai has plans to sell individual figures, multipacks and large scale figures as a means to test the market potential for future releases. There’s also plans to release Dragon Ball Super figures in conjunction with the debut of the Spanish dub next year.

Some of this merchandise is already available in stores across Mexico, with the rest of the planned releases to hit shelves over the next few months.

It would appear that the figures being released domestically in Mexico are repackages of figures we’ve already seen released in other geographic locations, such as the “Ultimate Figure Series” that saw release in the United States and Asia. However, if these figures sell well it could pave the way for original molds and new products to see release. Very exciting news, especially as it may cause Bandai to try and release figures domestically in the United States again.

Check out the source article here and enjoy a rough translation below:

Dragon Ball is one of the cartoons that have managed to transcend borders and generations, but despite being so far a phenomenon in Mexico and Latinamerica, collectors fans and children who want toys warriors Z had a limited supply. Identifying this public eager to see action figures on the shelves of department stores, self – service and specialized, Bandai is preparing the arrival of a first wave of Dragon Ball Z products to Mexico.

“It’s a brand that has been asking us for a long time; It’s a strong opportunity for us , “he said in a talk with César Publimetro Muratalla, director of marketing for Bandai Mexico, while explained that the campaign will begin for the products between February and March to reach strongly in April.

Among the figures available in the first wave are the figures of eight inches minifigures articulated and soft plastic, in individual presentation, five per pack and an exclusive presentation of seven figures. Although Muratalla said that this first step will be to test the response of the Mexican market due to demand and the number of fans ranging from small children to adults who faithfully follow the series since his arrival in Mexico in 1995, it is among the plans Bandai expand offer more products aimed at young audiences, but also “a line of very important collectors”.

With an issue date yet to be confirmed, the marketing director of Mexico Bandai announced that later this year will estarse on Mexican television watching Balll Super Dragon, the continuation of the franchise that is emitted in Japan since July 2015. By therefore, during 2017 Mexican plan to bring to market a line based on this new production, ensuring that it will be a major release.

Part of the strategy Bandai said Muratalla, is to open sales channels for products of Dragon Ball, without moving or deleting other importers of collectible figures that, until now, had been the only options for fans seeking imported figures Japan, the United States and other countries, as well as competing against the informal market and piracy. “We want to channels with a good product for collectors and fans get a best quality items at affordable prices. We seek to bring our products to the formal market and begin to feel part of the formal retail and everyone’s hand”to He is adding that seek to meet the demand for figures with a massive profile, although considered important to maintain the status of limited edition and collectible arriving in the future.

For the manager of Bandai, this not only means an opportunity to tap into an eager and anxious public to invest in their favorite series, is also a door that opens to Bandai, which as one of the companies of toys and action figures larger market, counts among its series of collecting products and licenses high – profile, from anime like Sailor Moon, Naruto, One Piece, Kamen Raider, Super Sentai and Gundam, to Star Wars and Finding Dory (for release in June this year) and, of course, Peppa Pig, Power Ranger and child Shopkins marked for him.

“Without a doubt it is going to be the spearhead. There are many more line you wantto launch from this. There are several lines of collectibles that are strong in Japan and here are known. This is a test to start that way and stores are increasingly interested in offering this type of product , “he said.

The first wave of figures Dragon Ball Z Bandai will be available in department stores, supermarket and toy stores in the first quarter of the year and will have a range of approximately prices between 199 and 149 pesos for minifigures, and 249-299 pesos, for figures articulated.








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  1. This is Mike from Secret Saiyan. I grew up watching DBZ in Spanish. Dragon Ball Z is extremely popular in Mexico, and I’d say more than in the U.S., or about the same. When the Frieza saga was being aired in the U.S., the Buu saga was already dubbed in Spanish. Mexico dubs the Dragon Ball series fairly fast and it has a huge fan base. There’s no doubt that Bandai will succed in Mexico.

    • No doubt, DBZ is huge in Mexico! Just hoping to see this line do well and more effort put into what they release there. As of now they’re mostly recycled figures, like when Irwin released repackaged Super Battle Collection figures in the 90s.

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