Shanghai Police Shutdown Counterfeit Figure Factory

Police in Shanghai, China have raided and shutdown a factory in the city of Dongguan. As a result of the raid, 1,200 toy making tools and pieces of equipment were seized, with a total value estimated at $42 million. Much of the counterfeit merchandise consisted of Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece and Gundam related items.

This sort of counterfeit operation has been a plague for Bandai, who was so grateful for the work of the Shanghai Police that they gifted the department a gold plated Gundam figure. Additionally, they gifted the Shanghai Police a plaque that refers to them as “pioneers in law enforcement, guardians of intellectual properties.”:

Gold Plated Gundam Figure and Plaque, Gifted to Shanghai Police by Bandai

Below are a few photos from the raid, more can be found here, as well.

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