The Greatest Saiyan ‘Ichiban Kuji’ Packaging Disappoints

Well, the controversy surrounding the Golden Oozaru figure from the upcoming and impending The Greatest Saiyan Ichiban Kuji continues! While collectors were understandably and vocally upset about the color disparities between the production model of the figure and the prototype, things had eventually calmed down.

However, the disappointment in quality from Bandai continues. Instead of the traditional box that would house a figure like this, the figure will be sold in a… uh.. bag:

It’d be one thing if the figure still had the impressive coloring and shading that we saw in the prototype and early promotional photos of the figure. But now we’re being subjected to sub par packaging, sub par painting and coloring with a premium price level.

What are your thoughts? Most people wouldn’t display this in the packaging anyway, however many collectors save those boxes for a multitude of reasons. What’s your stance on all of this? Sound off in the comments section.

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