Official Photos: SH Figuarts Premium Color Cell and Battle Damage Gohan

The official photos for the SH Figuarts Premium Color Edition Perfect Cell and battled damaged Super Saiyan Gohan have been released via Bandai’s official website. Gohan will once again come with a Super Saiyan 1 alternate head and
the images of Cell show the return of “the crossed arms accessory”.

As we reported earlier the release dates and pricing for Cell (5,400円) is February, 2017 and Gohan (4,536円) is January, 2017.

Premium Color Edition Perfect Cell

Height: 150mm

Price: 5400JPY

Release Date: February, 2017

Super Saiyan Son Gohan (battle damaged version)

Height: 120mm

Price: 4536JPY

Release Date: January, 2017


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