Ichiban Kuji: Super Hero

Looks like everyone is ramping up figures for the upcoming movie including Ichiban Kuji, who just announcement their next line of figures. These are the raffle figures in Japan and have become highly sought after due to their rarity. Before, you could pre-order these from retailers, but it seems like distribution isn’t meeting demand anymore. The list of prizes is as follows:

○A賞 アルティメット悟飯フィギュア: Ultimate Gohan
○B賞 ピッコロフィギュア: Piccolo
○C賞 孫悟空フィギュア: Goku
○D賞 ベジータフィギュア: Vegeta
○E賞 ガンマ1号フィギュア: Gamma 1
○F賞 ガンマ2号フィギュア: Gamma 2
○G賞 パンフィギュア: Pan
○H賞 フェスティバルバッグ: Festival Bag
○I賞 スープマグカップ: Soup Cup
○J賞 タオル: Towel
○ラストワン賞 神龍フィギュア: Last One: Shenron
○ダブルチャンスキャンペーン 神龍フィギュアダブルチャンスカラーver.: Double Chance: Double Chance Color Shenron

So it looks like shenron is included in this movie and there is a special double chance version of shenron and theres no explanation of how this is won nor are there pictures of this. Will update with more information and if any US retailers have pre-orders for this.

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