Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 80: Gas VS Granolah, Part 2

Hello Dragon Ball fans. Hope your week is going well, and if not hopefully the latest chapter of the manga will bring you some enjoyment. Looks like it dropped a day early so if you haven’t already, check it out here or here. Spoilers below so dont read on if you dont want to know what happens.

So as the fight progresses, it looks like Gas is catching up to Granolah in ability and the latter uses his last ditch attach in a nod to Naruto with a massive kage bunshin attack that Gas obliterates only to have the real Granolah appear in front of him to deliver his finishing attack. Since he doesn’t name his moves like the saiyans, not sure what to call this? Finger cannon anyone? Granolah is gassed due to absorbing all the attacks from his bunshin clones and falls to the ground. Elec comes by and tells Gas to unleash his power after ripping off the talisman around his head. This was apparently confining his power similar to the ring around Broly’s neck. Afterwards he powers up into a monster form and absolutely crushes Granolah and then goes after Vegeta. Goku backs away and is about to attack when we get a flash back to his father fighting Gas in the same form 30 years ago. Apparently he wasn’t able to control this and the Namekian doesn’t remember how it ended because he was unconscious. Afterwards Gas was able to control his new form.

This chapter didnt really progress the story at all and I’m still at a loss at how it will end. My guess is there will be some sort of godly resolution to this since nobody is at Gas’ level now. Not only is he strongest in the Universe, but he has some super powered form as well. What do you think of this chapter? Leave any comments below.