Figuarts Zero SSJ4 Gogeta

January 30, 2022 shinra25 0

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of Dokkan Battle, Figuarts Zero just announced the Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta figure from Dragon Ball GT. This figure looks […]


January 25, 2022 shinra25 0

This week’s character showcase is Mai from the Goku training arc in the original Dragon Ball series. Last week I mentioned that she is the […]

Ichiban Kuji: Super Hero

January 21, 2022 shinra25 2

Looks like everyone is ramping up figures for the upcoming movie including Ichiban Kuji, who just announcement their next line of figures. These are the […]

Kame House Area

January 19, 2022 shinra25 0

This week’s Dragon Ball Travelogue features the area around Kame House that is basically an island where Kame Sennin lives and had vital moments throughout […]


January 18, 2022 shinra25 0

This week’s character showcase is Shu, the ninja dog from Pilaf gang. I don’t think they have done Mai yet so expect her next and […]