Weekly Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 31st

It’s the last day of the month and February is just one day away. This week’s dragon ball news is another short one where they mostly talk about the March issue of Saikyo Jump with Victory Asada. I finally realized who his costume looks like – Ronald Mcdonald, the colors are on point. Anyways, this issue features a very powerful card and resolves the fight between the Gogetas and Fu. The box set for the entire Dragon Ball Super series also releases in Japan this week, but sadly we dont get that here. You can however buy the individual chapters, but would be nice to have a complete box set so hopefully someone releases that soon. The only figure announcement this week is Goku and Vegeta burning fighters and you can pre-order from BBTS here and here.

You can watch the entire episode here and always have a super week!

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