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So it’s not really action figure related, but I think you all might appreciate this. Bandai released a teaser video for this upcoming “Dragon Ball Radar” replica. It has a pretty detailed LED screen that will allow you to simulate hunting for Dragon Balls, while also enjoying audio engineered by Mr. Arai Hidekita, who worked as an audio engineer on the original “Dragon Ball” series.

The Dragon Ball Radar also has voice clips from the Japanese voice actor for Bulma, Tsurumi Hiromi, as well as Utsumi Kenji, the late voice actor for Shenron. It also appears that the radar plays background music while you “hunt for Dragon Balls”, which according to the translation below is straight out of the show itself. All the more immersive, I’d say.

Pre-orders opened up for the radar yesterday on Bandai’s site and the item wont actually start being shipped to buyers until March, 2017. This bit of nostalgia will also run you 10,800JPY / $100~, which is a little on the expensive side. Oh.. did we mention it requires three AAA batteries?

I’ve got a rough translation of the item description below, pulled from the official Bandai website for the radar:

Reproduced in the size and design shown when “Dragon Ball” aired, refined completely with backlit LED and a new mold. 

Moreover, it comes with the search feature of “Dragon Ball” and the search scene can be reproduced realistically with a built-in sensor. Audio was reproduced by Mr. Arai Hidekita who was in charge of the sound production operation of the time. 

In addition to that, the dialogue of Bulma (cv. Tsurumi Hiromi) is the navigation voice and the words of Shenron (cv. Late Utsumi Kenji) such as “Please say your wish” can be heard once you’ve collected 7 Dragon Balls. Also included is the TV background music of the OP / ED song of the animation “Dragon Ball” and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the time.

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