Toys R Us in the USA Starts Carrying Tamashii Nation Products

Tamashii Nations made a Tweet recently with some photos showing Toys R Us carrying their products. For a long time it was said that Toys R Us wasn’t interested in carrying Tamashii Nation/Bluefin products because they were “too niche”, however it seems somebody with the right level of authority has been convinced!

In the Tweet, embedded below, you can see SH Figuarts, Tamashii Buddies, X Plus among other collector oriented products. All of which are found in the “Collector Vector” section of Toys R Us, which specifically is aimed at older, more mature, collectors. The success of these figures will only mean a more broad level of distribution in the future, so if you get the chance go pick these up!

Seeing Dragon Ball merchandise sold in local retailer stores like this brings me back to my youth, when Dragon Ball Z was licensed by Irwin (and later Jakks Pacific). It was a great feeling to be able to pick up figures locally, in addition to being able to buy imported figures, for a bit of diversity in my collection. So, I persnally, hope this continues and Bandai sees how lucrative distribution like this can be.

Does your local Toys R Us have any Dragon Ball items in stock? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I hope that they do so that way I can pick up another Trunks to make a custom… might also get Naruto if they have him…

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