Bandai Planning New Factory in Mexico

A Mexican news source has reported that Bandai has plans to open a factory in Mexico to further penetrate North American and Latin American markets. This would be Bandai’s third factory, with the other two being in Hong Kong and Japan, respectively.

You may remember us reporting on Bandai’s plans to launch news lines of figures, exclusive to Mexican markets. If we were to speculate, the new prospective Mexican factory is likely being built to accommodate these new lines of figures and perhaps to alleviate the cost of logistics for the production of other Bandai lines that sell well in Latin and North American markets.

Check out a rough translation of the original article we linked above:

The Asian toy company Bandai officially arrived in Mexico in 2011 and in the last year recorded sales in excess of 700 million pesos, part of its great success in such a short time of presence in the children’s market is thanks to licenses of brands like Peppa Pig , Searching for Dory, Dragon Ball and Power Rangers.

César Muratalla Flores , director of marketing for Bandai Mexico, points out that the company that was born in Japan in 1950 and was seen as a collecting company, now go further. “In Mexico we have practically presence in 98% of the sales channels, so they can be found in all stores”

Mexico exported more than 1,600 million dollars in toys in 2015 and 90% went to the United States, according to the Mexican Toy Association.

Bandai currently has two toy factories, one in Japan and the other in Hong Kong. However, it has a long-term plan to open a factory in Mexico , which will allow greater penetration of other countries in Latin America and the United States.

We see the possibility that Bandai will soon have a toy factory in Mexico thanks to the strategic market in which we are, says Muratalla.

Bandai is a Japanese company dedicated to the creation of toys founded in 1950 by Naoharu Yamashina. With great recognition and positioning in Asia, where it has much of its market. It is recognized as the company that commercialized the tamagochi and has presence in fields such as the creation and distribution of video games.

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Rezo Inverse
7 years ago

It sounds really interesting. I just hope that there’s not a lot of exclusives.