V-Jump: New Toriyama Designs for Universe Survival Arc

V Jump Universe Survival Arc Designs

Akira Toriyama has debuted new designs for the ‘Universe Survival Arc’ in V Jump Magazine! A few interesting things to note here; one of which being that Android 17 really did become a park ranger after the Cell arc. You may remember seeing him serving as a Ranger at the end of the Buu arc when he donated energy to the spirit bomb. For more information, check out this interview with Toriyama on the matter.

Additionaly, Twitter user @sailorspazz shed some light on some of the Japanese text in the photo from V Jump:

Some of the things written in that new Super arc promo are painfully uninformative (17’s armband says “ranger”? NO S***!)

And 18’s blurb brings up the possibility of her performing dual attacks with both Kuririn and 17.

Q: Any note on what universe the Hakaishin/Angel pair are from? That’s what everyone wants to know…
A: No, but the painfully uninformative blurb tells us that he has a beard 😛


V Jump Universe Survival Arc Designs

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Rezo Inverse
7 years ago

I just want more and more!

Chandler Nunnally
7 years ago

Man I am so stoked to see 17 back in the game. This is gonna be awesome!