Update: Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie Figures From S.H. Figuarts

Tamashii Nations just gave a sneak peak of three new S.H. Figuarts figures based on the next Dragon Ball Movie titled Super Hero. The coloring for Goku is definitely based on the few illustrations we have seen from the movie and I am definitely liking Vegeta without his armor. The color is also darker than the previous Majin Vegeta release. Piccolo doesn’t look all that different from his previous V2 release.

It looks like there will be figures for Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 as well so next year will be jam packed with releases with the remaining characters from the Namek Arc as well as the five new figures for the movie. That is eight total figures that is scheduled for 2022. Toyark has some onsite pictures and it doesn’t look the same without the studio lighting, but will have to see in person.


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