X-Plus Gigantic Series SSGSS Son Goku Clear Ver.

Up until a few weeks ago, the next Gigantic series on the release schedule from X-Plus was suppose to be Bardock, but in the last week or two, they changed it to SSGSS Son Goku with clear hair. So it looks like Bardock was not ready for release and will hopefully be the next one in this series. This was previously released with regular non-clear SSGSS blue hair. This figure is listed for 14300 yen with a February, 2022 release date.

This brand only releases about 2-3 figures a year and if I got to choose, I would definitely want another Beerus, maybe a clear one, but definitely improve on the old sculp. Since they released Android 17 about a year ago with the Grand Zenos, it would be great if they could re-release Android 18 as well with her Universal Survival Arc tracksuit and maybe include Krillin as well since has not had a Gigantic series release yet.

Other characters I would like to see are Whis, Full Power New Broly, Jiren, Ultra Ego Vegeta, and maybe a better MUI Goku. I will update with links when BBTS announces pre-orders.