DBS Manga Chapter #102 Goku vs Gohan

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga is available now online for free to view so check out one of the links below if you haven’t read it yet. I will be reviewing the chapter after the images so don’t scroll down unless you want spoilers.

The chapter continues off from last month and Goku is standing on the Red Ribbon truck talking to Gohan about his new form. It seems some dialogue was cut from the first page to the second as Goku wants to go somewhere else to spar with Gohan. Since the latter is in his regular clothes, he tells him to change while he talks to Goten and Trunks. Magenta and the camera man get back into the van to get away but Goku puts the two kids in the van as well as Gohan when he returns and instant transmissions back to Planet Beerus.

Vegeta see’s his son and grills him about improving his powers while Goku asks the name of Gohan’s new transformation. This part is a bit odd as he mentions Super Saiyan 2, but Gohan was the first to have that transformation. Beerus is a bit annoyed that they are using his planet as a retreat. Trunks mention that he and Goten have developed combo moves so Vegeta suggests they fight Gohan first. They first fight in their Super Hero costumes, while the Red Ribbon camera guy is filming, but Gohan gains the upper hand so they go Super Saiyan to match Gohan. Broly is surprised by this as Whis mentions that most of Saiyans on Earth can transform. They are still no match fo Gohan as he goes Ultimate, which is apparently a name that Trunks and Goten gave him since they weren’t sure what to call it. So they go fusion, but they miss the mark and end up as fat Gotenks, and they Ultimately lose the match.

Goku goes next and he immediately goes UI since there wasn’t a point to build up. Beerus notes that his strongest form is UI so Gohan goes Beast mode. Vegeta seems very surprised at the power of the new form and the two start to fight. Their fight causes so much disturbance that Whis needs to put up a barrier to protect everyone. Beerus starts getting annoyed that his planet is getting destroyed.

Not sure how this fight will go, but it would be cool to see Beerus tag in after Goku cause he looks itching for a fight. That is it for this month, let me know what you think in the comments and anything i missed int he review.

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