Dragon Ball News for the Week of February 19th, 2024

Happy President’s Day and after a night of rain, today is starting to look like a nice day. Lots of news to get through today so let’s get into this episode.

Last week, there was the release of Dragon Ball Legends Step-Ip The Proud Saiyan featuring Vegeta in depicting the scene where he releases his full power final flash against Cell. Next up is the release of the brand new starter decks and booster packs for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Fusion World. Last week we also so the preview scans for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Manga as well as the release of the Mini Cardass Station 2. In Japan, it looks like they held the Championship for the Super Heroes King Finals card game.

In this week’s news, the latest issue of V-JUMP for April will go on sale on Wednesday, February 21st, so we should be seeing a new chapter for Dragon Ball Super in the next day or so. It will come with a Goku card from the DBS Card Game Fusion World as well as information for other Dragon Ball series like the Super Wafer Seals, and SDBH Meteor Mission 3. The big figure release this week will be the new S.H. Figaurts King Cold figure. I’ve been waiting for this since they showed it off late last year. It will go on sale on Thursday, April 22nd on Premium Bandai and we will get more information then to see if you get little pieces of him to pose with Trunks.

For the latter half of this episode, they had the producer come on to show the featured of the Chogokin 1/35 scale Sand Land tank model. This is the plastic model that you have to snap together like a Gundam. I always thought the Chogokin series were made of metal though. There will also be new episodes of Dragon Ball SD later this week.

You can watch the entire episode below. Thank you all for visiting, and I hope you all have a Super Week!

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