X-Plus Android 17 Prototype Shown

The long running large scale figure line, X Plus (by Plex) is moving forward with a new release. We just.. don’t exactly know when. The good news, is that there’s a finished prototype of the new release, Android 17, and it’s been shown in an official capacity.

We’ve got this statement from the figure’s creative team, with a (very) rough translation:

《ギガンティックシリーズ・人造人間17号》は製作協力という形で携わらせて頂いております。 原型師として大変信頼している、まさえ子さんにお願いを致しました。

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by HYO


“Gigantic Series Android No. 17” has been involved in the production cooperation. We asked Maesako, who is very trustworthy as a prototype teacher.

Gokou and I are in progress. Expectation to beg!
[GI Series Artificial human no. 17] has been made in the form of production cooperation. I asked masae, who is very trustworthy as a prototype.

Goku is in progress. I am looking forward to it 😊
by HYO

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  1. Glad you posted this, just saw it this morning along with the new ultra-instinct Goku by Plex…Hope they make a new 18 and Golden Freeza as well. They almost have Goku in every form now, except god form, so would like to see that eventually…

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