Ichiban Kuji: Rising Fighters with Dragon Ball Legends

The Ichiban Kuji train stops for no one and the next incarnation of this famous prize lottery event is arriving June, 2020. This iteration of the Ichiban Kuji is pretty Super Saiyan form heavy, except for a battle damaged Bardock who is in a powered down form. However, don’t fret if you wanted a Super Saiyan Bardock, as he gets two figures in this prize lottery.

The line up consists of the following:

  • SP Award – (Mystery)
  • Prize A – Super Saiyan Gogeta figure
  • Prize B – Super Saiyan Broly Figure
  • Prize C – Super Vegetto figure
  • Prize D – Super Saiyan Birdak figure
  • Prize E – Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks figure
  • Prize F – Smartphone ring
  • Prize G – Glass
  • Prize H – Shikishi
  • Prize I – Clear File Set
  • Last One Prize – Super Saiyan Son Goku & Bardock Figure
  • Double Chance Campaign – Super Saiyan Son Goku & Bardock figure

About Ichiban Kuji:

As per usual, the Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery will be held at convenience stores across Japan. This includes stores like 7/11 and Lawsons, amongst others. Tickets are sold at the register and cost 680JPY. Each ticket gives you the opportunity to win one of the offered prizes.

The “Last One” Prize:

In many Ichiban Kuji lotteries there is a prize known as the “Last One” prize. For many Ichiban Kuji’s this prize is the most desirable, as it is often the more rare offering of the lottery. This prize is only given away at the end of the prize lottery, when all of the other “main” prizes have been won. This is done to encourage participation through the very end of the campaign.

The “Double Chance” Prize:

In addition to the “Last One” prize there is another prize called the “Double Chance” prize. Each ticket has a QR code on the back, if you scan it, you will be entered into another draw to win the “double chance” prize. As you can see, it earns this name by offering anyone who already bought a ticket, to win a secondary prize.

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