X-Plus Android 17 Final Product Revealed

Not too long ago we had posted about the prototype X-Plus Android 17, but now we’ve got some photos of the final production model for you to enjoy. Additionally, it’s been revealed that Android 17 will be coming with both Zen-Oh’s.

Android 17 will be measuring in at a height of 40cm, while both of the Zen-Oh’s will be measuring in at 13cm. As is the usual for X-Plus figures, this release commands a moderately high price at 17,600JPY ($165~) and you can expect this to see a Japanese release of August, 2020. With North America typically falling a month behind this.

It may be worth noting that many releases and dates are being pushed back due to COVID-19’s affect on the production of many goods world wide. So keep your eyes on your pre-orders with whoever you shop with.

Check out the gallery:

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