UDM Burst 37 Dropping Next Month

UDM Burst 37

Everybody’s favorite Dragon Ball themed keychain figurine line is dropping its 37th wave of releases next month in July. The figures measure in at a height of 4cm and cost about 200JPY. But you can also find these in North America at select Game Stop and Think Geek stores.

So keep an eye peeled for the prize machines pictured below:

UDM Burst Capsule Prize Machines

UDM Burst 37 will be comprised of six figures, which is exciting considering UDM Burst 36 only gave us five figures. The UDM Burst 37 line up is as follows:

  • Doctor Gero
  • Super Saiyan Future Trunks
  • Goku Ultra Instinct
  • Super Saiyan Vegeta (Clone)
  • Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
  • Cunber / Cumber

Don’t forget, UDM Burst 38 is on its way too. If you want to check out the prototypes of UDM Burst 38, just click here.

The Details:

UDM Burst 37

Release Date: July, 2019
Height: 4cm
Price: 200JPY
Manufacturer: Bandai

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