SH Figuarts “Armored Trunks” to Have Multiple Heads *UPDATED*

It would appear that the upcoming “Armored Trunks” figure from SH Figuarts will come with a Super Saiyan head, powered down head and an Ascended Super Saiyan head. Recent exhibitions have shown the figure displayed with the powered down head and Super Saiyan head that we’ve been seeing for a while, as well as an Ascended Saiyan head.

A lot of collectors have been showing enthusiasm for the extra accessories as there has been mild disappointment about the recently released Premium Color Edition figures being limited in their included accessories. So this may be a great bit of news for some, however I caution you to be wary and perhaps to not get your hopes up just yet.

Why? The figure’s official inventory of accessories on several websites, including Bandai’s, does not list this many heads as being included. So perhaps this is Tamashii just displaying a different head for fun/exhibition purposes.

The figure is set for release in late May of 2016 (and June for Bluefin distribution). The included accessories are as follows:

-Main figure
-Optional expression part (super saiyan) x2 types
-Optional head part (standard)
-Arms crossed part
-Optional left & right hand part x2 types each

I’ve made a mock up photo to show the three different heads shown with the figure side by side:



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Tim Kinnie
Tim Kinnie
8 years ago

Idk how to feel about this. I love the idea, but Ascended SSJ Trunks was massivley bigger than his SSJ form.

8 years ago

This is Awesome, I really give them credit for giving us more accessories and with the ascended head, that just means I have to order more of Trunks, this is definitely a step up in the right direction.

Za Warudo
Za Warudo
8 years ago

I can’t wait for this figure! The more I see it, the more i want it! #hype