Super Master Stars Piece “The Son Gokou” to Have Multiple Variants

Super Master Stars Piece "The Son Gokou"

Banpresto’s “Master Stars Piece” line of figures is releasing a new “The Son Gokou” figure with battle damage stylings. What’s more interesting is the figure will have four different variants; “the brush”, “the original”, “the tone” and “two dimensions”.

Each variant will be retailing for 5,000yen, will measure 34cm in height and will be simultaneously released in Japan on April 29th, 2016.

Banpresto’s “Super Master Stars Piece” line is a larger scale version of their popular “Master Stars Piece” line. To give you an idea of the increase in scale between the two lines, a Super Saiyan Goku from the traditional Master Stars Piece line measures around 25cm in height, while the Super Master Stars Piece release I’m discussing this post measures at 34cm in height.

Check out the picture below, showing the different versions of the figure:

Super Master Stars Piece "The Son Gokou"

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  1. Can anyone help me where to preorder these dbz resolutions of soldiers and smsp I want to start my collection and I really want to start of with these guys first so if anyone can help me out with some trust worthy sites it would mean the world thanks

    • Haha, it’s never ending. That’s why I limit myself to collecting only two lines of Dragon Ball figures. If I expanded out beyond that I’d be broke all the time.

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