Update: S.H. Figuarts SSGSS KK Son Goku Available for Pre-Order

Update 3: And just like that the pre-orders closed…hope you got yours if you wanted one!

Update 2: Pre-Order Limit Almost Reached According to PB! 10/11/2021 6:45pm PT!

Update: I gotta commend Premium Bandai, Bluefin, and whoever else was involved in this decision to sell pre-orders of this figure. First of all, it gives first right exclusivity to those who attend the Comicon as they get to own this figure first, but they dont alienate all the other collectors who may not be able to attend and who might not have a Comicon nearby to go to. This also deters scalpers, who will still scalp to those who have the money and want the figure now. And for the rest of us, we still can get the figure, it will just be like any other pre-order with a lead time of a couple months. Personally, I hope they continue with this for all future exclusive figures as it is a win win for all!

This figure is available for pre-order now from premium bandai. Not sure how long this will last but get yours before its gone.


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