Interview With Figuarts Project Leader Okamoto

The official site released two interviews (Zarbon Interview, Bonus Interview) with the S.H. Figuarts Project Leader Okamoto about the newly released Zarbon figure as well as the figures of his Namek series. Interesting bits were about posing this figure, the luminous Dragon Balls used in this series, which he described the process of making in the second video. He also goes over what makes the new Fourth Form Frieza different from the one released in 2018 from the tournament of power and mentioned that his one is more accurate to the color in the anime.

In the second interview, he talks about his favorite character and his desire to be able to display the Ginyu force. Tamashii Nation is also launching the “‘Get Your Wish on Planet Namek!’ Project” where fans can take pictures of their S.H. Figuarts figures, and submit them via social media. I wonder what they will do if a non Figuarts figure is used?

This promotion lasts until October 24, 2021 and you can participate via Twitter or Instagram. Click Here for instructions!

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