S.H. Figuarts Piccolo Daimaoh Revealed!

S.H. Figuarts Piccolo Daimaoh

It was just two weeks ago that we brought you the news of the S.H. Figuarts “Piccolo Daimaoh”, and now Tamashii Nations has revealed their first photo of the figure!

Tamashii Nations had this to say in their release notes:

Do you remember 9th May in Dragonball World?
This is the day that Great Demon King Piccolo declares his ruling of Earth and he officially marks 9th May as Piccolo Day!

On this special day, Tamashii is thrilled to present S.H.Figuarts Piccolo Daimaoh, the Great Demon King who hates “justice” and “peace”

Official Tamashii Nations Instagram Account

S.H.Figuarts Piccolo Daimaoh

  • Coming October, 2019 (Japanese release date)
  • 7,920 yen( tax in)
  • Stands 190mm tall
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  1. I really like Piccolo Daimao! 🙂 I hope also for a Kami release! And Teen Version of Son Goku and Piccolo Jr. from the 23. Tenkaichi Budokai! 🙂

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