One of Two S.H. Figuarts “Zamasu” Figures Cancelled?

So it was only days ago that we updated you guys with the information made available on the monthly Shonen Jump Calendar update. The update brought us big news, like a new Broly figure. But more importantly it brought the announcement of not one, but TWO Zamasu figures!

Well, unfortunately, it would appear that the two Zamasu releases was either an error or wasn’t supposed to be posted. As now when we visit the Shonen Jump Calendar, it only lists one S.H. Figuarts Zamasu release for August, 2019.

What do you think happened? Did somebody make a mistake? Did the possibly list future releases by mistake? Sound off in those comments!

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  1. there is no need for 2 separate figures, you get the parts to make fused zamasu or regular zamasu. if you want to display both forms you can buy 2 figures and set one up each way. That leaves an opening to get another figure say….. Bardok for example. they did the same thing with goku black they gave standard and rose with out having to buy 2 separate figures, unless you want to display both at once.

  2. I think he will come later. Two Zamasu in the same month would make a lot people decide to buy only one of them.

    • I think so too. It would be nice to have unfused Zamasu to round out the Goku Black and fused Zamasu Figuarts.

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