Figuarts ZERO Coola/Coora Revealed

In yet another reveal via their official Instagram account, Tamashii Nations has shown the upcoming Figuarts ZERO Coora statue. The figure is slated for a Japanese release date of August, 2019. North America typically sees a release the following month. The retail price is set at 9180JPY.

Even though it’s been slow going, I’m glad to see the Figuarts ZERO line still moving along with releases.

Do you plan to scoop this up? Do you collect Figuarts ZERO? Lets hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Not too thrilled with that price tag.. but who knows when (or if) another Cooler figure will be made? So yeah, I’m still going to get him.

  2. I used to collect Figuarts Zero – I have 11 of them; but since the Gogeta/Vegeto releases they have been priced too high for me. So I haven’t bought one since then.

    • Yeah previously they were priced so that they could be impulse purchases if somebody wasn’t sure. Now it’s hard to commit to the high price tag.

      • Feels like they’re going the way of the PAK figure line, and that’s a shame.
        I’m not real thrilled with his price tag either, but I may still get him. After all, when’s the next time they’re going to make another Cooler figure?

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