November’s Ichiban Kuji is Dragon Ball GT Themed

November’s upcoming Ichiban Kuji is going to be centered around character designs from the controversial Dragon Ball GT. This incarnation of the Ichiban Kuji is comprised of four total figures, with three coming from the Masterlise line; Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 Goku and (naturally) Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

What’s more is that the fourth prize will be a giant Sofvics Golden Oozaru figure that measures in at 30cm in height! It’s worth noting that this measurement is just to the top of the Oozaru’s head and doesn’t include the additional height from his raised arms. The other three Masterlise figures measure in slightly shorter, at 25cm in height for Goku and Gogeta and 23cm for Vegeta.

Ichiban Kuji ‘The Greatest Saiyan’

As you can see, the promotional logo for this Ichiban Kuji is a play on the original North American market Dragon Ball GT logo:

Interestingly, they are marketing this Ichiban Kuji with the Dragon Ball Super logo as well. This is unsurprising, as Bandai wants to promote the current Dragon Ball series, but for long time fans it seems irrelevant, especially considering none of these forms have been shown in Dragon Ball Super to date.

The Details:

Ichiban Kuji: The Greatest Saiyan

Release Date: November, 2019
Where: Convenience Stores in Japan
Price: 680JPY per Entry Ticket
Height: SS4 Goku & SS4 Gogeta: 25cm

SS4 Vegeta: 23cm
Golden Oozaru: 30cm

How Does Ichiban Kuji Work?

Interested in how the Ichiban Kuji works? Read on!

Ichiban Kuji is a “prize lottery” system that historically is exclusive to Japan and a few other countries. As of this writing, the Ichiban Kuji prize lottery is not available in North America.

Interested participants should visit participating locations, usually convenience stores in Japan like 7/11, Lawson’s or Ito-Yokado. Each prize lottery ticket retails for 680 JPY~ and gives you the chance to win one of the prizes offered. Once you receive your entry ticket, find out which prize you have won, you may immediately redeem it for said prize.

Once all of the standard prizes have been given away, the last prize is offered and is aptly known as the “Last One Prize”. This motivates participants to continue buying Ichiban Kuji tickets, even when it appears that many of the other prizes have already been given away. Keep in mind, not every incarnation of the Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery has a “Last Prize”, though it is often an offered feature in larger prize lotteries.

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