More Dragon Ball Tour Exclusives Revealed

Figuarts ZERO Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta

The official Dragon Ball Tour website has been updated to reveal several new tour exclusives. Now a days it’s fair to expect one or two S.H. Figuarts exclusives, but I was surprised to see a total of four. This is especially impressive when you consider the fact that S.H. Figuarts isn’t the only line getting exclusives.

The likes of Figure-rise Standard and Figuarts ZERO are getting their very own exclusives, as well. With Figure-rise Standard releasing a Super Saiyan Gogeta and Figuarts ZERO releasing a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.

So far the tour dates are as follows (not in order):

  • New York, NY
  • San Diego, CA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Japan (no city revealed as of this writing)

Here’s the event exclusives.. so far:

  1. S.H.Figuarts GOKU BLACK -SUPER SAIYAN ROSE- -Event Exclusive Color Edition-
  2. S.H.Figuarts GOLDEN FRIEZA -Event Exclusive Color Edition-
  3. S.H.Figuarts ULTIMATE SON GOHAN -Event Exclusive Color Edition-
  4. S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU -KID- -Event Exclusive Color Edition-
  5. Figuarts ZERO SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN GOGETA -Event Exclusive Color Edition-
  6. Figure-rise Standard SUPER SAIYAN GOGETA

S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Tour Exclusives:

Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball Tour Exclusive:

Figuarts ZERO Dragon Ball Tour Exclusive:

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  1. I cannot tell what they changed about Golden Freeza, comparing it to my own. The other 3 are all great, though. My girlfriend is a huge Gohan fan.

    • I have to be honest, I can’t tell the different with Frieza either. I’m thinking the changes will be more apparent when we see it in person.

  2. Man, I think the new system killed off some of the commentors?

    Clear haired Black and Gohan are probably the two i would buy if i went. Already have the original golden freezer and not sure how this one is any different.

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