Imagination Works Vegeta

This dropped right when I was falling asleep last night and I had to take a quick look. This looks pretty cool and will definitely be pre-ordering when it comes out. I know Majin Rob had concerns about the durability of the silicone joints, and some would have liked this figure to be bigger, and I want to add that if they are going to release these at a slower time frame than the other figures, looks like at most 1 or 2 a year, they should have included all the transformation like SSG and SSGSS, etc. Maybe different battle armor as well.

Pre-orders should be available soon with a September, 2021 release date at a price of 11000 yen so about $110. Below are some pics and a link to the product website. Let me know in the descriptions if you plan on getting this and which character you think should be next in line for this series! If it were me, I would do Buu next but most likely Piccolo…

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