Victory Uchida’s Room

In a new series called Victory Uchida’s room, and for the first episode he interviews Nishizawa Kiyoto from Bandai Spirits’ collectors division. Basically he is in charge of the S.H. Figuarts line and they spend some time talking about his history with Bandai along with his history, and his current projects. I wont go through translating the whole conversation, but if you understand Japanese, it’s pretty interesting to watch as he seems very tuned to the collector community and talks about the suggestions he has received.

The big reveal here is a prototype of Frieza Force member Dodoria. This figure is very wide, almost Majin Buu size, but it’s hard to tell next to the Frieza and the saiyans in the video. Immediately afterwards, Uchida mentions the need for another figure next to Frieza along with his transformation, which I hope releases as well.

Also, they show more details of Frieza first form in his pod and i think this figure looks on point and definitely cant wait to get my pre-order. Hopefully they come up with Alien Head Frieza as well.

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