Dragon Ball Super Manga #71 – The Heeter’s Plan

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super Manga just dropped so if you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do so on VIZ or Shueisha.

Some of the interesting tid bits from this month’s chapter are as follows:

  1. Whis explains to Goku that Angels are always in UI mode and he needs to work to be in that mode all the time as well only reserving the transformation in worst case scenarios.
  2. The Heeters plan to bring Goku and Vegeta to Granola’s planet by pretending that they are hiring them to help defeat some bad guys. They do this by going to Earth and getting Chi Chi to get Goku back. Apparently they are running out of money so that is the motivation.
  3. Vegeta gets a destroyer earring to signify that he can use the destroyer technique. Whis draws his symbol on Goku gi like in Resurrection of F.
  4. The heeter boss thinks the small one can eventually surpass Frieza.
  5. Vegeta is suspicious after seeing how luxurious the heeter space ship is.
  6. Whis once again says he cannot get involved in mortal affairs after taking them home.
  7. This is mostly a filler episode but we have the setup for the next battle.

What do you all think of this chapter? Let me know in the comments.