Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Z

The Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Z Ichiban Kuji has been confirmed to take place May, 2021! It’s a successor to a previous Ichiban Kuji called Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball vs Omnibus which saw release only months ago in October and ran through November 14th.

This incarnation of the Ichiban Kuji will include figures, towels, mask holders and bottles. The prize lottery event will take place in Japan, France and other countries in Asia. Each prize lottery ticket will cost 680JPY and give a participant a chance at one of the available prizes.

The prize lottery’s offerings are as follows:

  • Price A: Son Goku and Frieza Figures (MASTERLISE, 20 cm & 16 cm)
  • Prize B: Broly Super Saiyan Full Power Figure (KING CLUSTAR, 30 cm)
  • Price C: Gogeta Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Figure (MASTERLISE, 21 cm)
  • Price D: Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Figure (KING CLUSTAR, 30 cm)
  • Prize E: Super Saiyan Son Goku Figure (MASTERLISE, 20 cm)
  • Price F: Dende figure (9 cm) + 7 Dragon Balls (MASTERLISE, 4 cm)
  • G Prize: Dragon Ball Mask Holder
  • Price H: Dragon Ball Saddlebags
  • Prize I: Dragon Ball Bottles
  • J Prize: Dragon Ball Napkins
  • “Goku Day” Prize: Figure #1 of the Kakakore competition (MASTERLISE, 25 cm)
  • “Last One” Prize: Porunga figurine (30 cm)
  • Double Chance Prize: Porunga figurine (30 cm)

About Ichiban Kuji:

As per usual, the Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery will be held at convenience stores across Japan. This includes stores like 7/11 and Lawsons, amongst others. Tickets are sold at the register and cost 680JPY. Each ticket gives you the opportunity to win one of the offered prizes.

The “Last One” Prize:

In many Ichiban Kuji lotteries there is a prize known as the “Last One” prize. For many Ichiban Kuji’s this prize is the most desirable, as it is often the more rare offering of the lottery. This prize is only given away at the end of the prize lottery, when all of the other “main” prizes have been won. This is done to encourage participation through the very end of the campaign.

The “Double Chance” Prize:

In addition to the “Last One” prize there is another prize called the “Double Chance” prize. Each ticket has a QR code on the back, if you scan it, you will be entered into another draw to win the “double chance” prize. As you can see, it earns this name by offering anyone who already bought a ticket, to win a secondary prize.

A Personal Note:

Hey everyone, I haven’t posted in a long time. I have no excuse, other than focusing on my return to college for a change of careers. I was in the military for a few years and I’m no longer in the shape or condition needed for regular labor. So I’ve since left the military and used my GI Bill to return to college for an IT related degree. This has kept me very busy!

I want to thank Shinra25 for keeping this site alive with his regular posting. I hope you’ve enjoyed his presence here and I’m very grateful for his continued efforts! Without Shinra25 this site would have been dead in the water months ago. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him here at DBZ Figures!

I’m going to do my best to post news in here periodically. I’ve neglected the site long enough and I think with me and Shinra25 both posting and working on the site, we could see meaningful growth and development.

If you can, please pop into the comments section once in a while. We love hearing from you.

It’s good to be back.


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  1. Merry Christmas Shinra and Rob. Thank you for all your hard work this year, this continues to be one of my favorite sites. These Porunga and Dende figures are pretty awesome, I hope they manage to make it west! Always happy to see non-saiyan characters getting figures.

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