Pre-Order Update: Ichiban Kuji: DBZ Dokkan Battle 6th Anniversary Figures Announcement

Ichiban Kuji, who is behind the figures for drawing prizes just announced their Dokkan Battle 6th anniversary figures. There are five in total and include a mix of Dragon Ball Z, Super, and GT characters. This scheduled to be released in February of 2021 and cost 680 yen to play once. No announcement of last one figure yet, but we do know that the F prize will be a bottle, E prize clear case, and F prize clear file set. Since we will be able to purchase the figures out right here in the US stay tuned for pre-order announcements.

Update: BBTS has announced their pre-orders for the five figures below and they each will cost 36.99 not including tax or shipping with a release date of March, 2021. Links are available below:

Update 10/29: Eknight has this for pre-order now for 32.04 each with a release date of May 31, 2021.

A Prize: SSG Son Goku

B Prize: SSJ Trunks

C Prize: SSJ Gohan

D Prize: Goku Zamasu

E Prize: Honey Bee Pan


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