Dragon Ball Super Manga #65 – Son Goku, Earthling

If you read the manga already, you are probably thinking “sigh…that gullible Goku again…now he is really in a pickle!” And if you haven’t well, make sure you read the manga before scrolling down below because there are spoilers ahead.

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This chapter starts off with Krillin looking over the battlefield relieved that he doesn’t have to use his sensu beans to help Goku. Meanwhile, Moro is being beaten pretty badly. Goku goes over to Krillin and takes his sensu and goes back to Moro demanding that he return to prison and his life will be spared. He sarcastically agrees and Goku gives him a sensu bean and he is all healed up except for the stones on his forehead and hand. He then attacks Goku, but ends up breaking his armed because as Whis explains “Goku is so honed in with UI that his body has strengthened.” Goku then goes back to base form and lectured Moro about training to get stronger instead of eating planets.

That’s when Moro sees his severed hand behind Goku, the one that copied Merus before it was chopped off. Goku tells Moro that it was Merus who taught him UI and he thinks he can use the technique too if he can get that hand back. He gets up prompting Goku to go UI again, it looks like he has full control over this ability now, and Moro uses the force to get his hand back and then attaches it to his arm. He changes form again and seems to get stronger, and they continue fighting. Goku notices the earth getting scarred so they fly elsewhere. This is when Moros body starts getting bigger and bigger Whis again with the commentary saying that Moro cant handle the power and his body is trying to contain it. Whis advises Goku to finish Moro. Then Moro’s head comes out of the ground and sends a ki blast from his mouth to Goku, a la Nampa style, but it doesn’t hurt him. We then learn that Moro has fused with the Earth and his fate is now intertwined with the planet. If he dies, so does earth and if he explodes, the galaxy can go with it.

So this seems similar to the future Trunks arc when Zamasu ends up being one with the universe and requires intervention from a higher being. At that time he was able to find future Grand Zeno to fix the problem. Not sure who or how they will get out of this one. If you have any ideas, make sure to comment below.