X-Plus Gigantic Series SSJ Vegetto Ver. 2

This has been listed on the Jump figure release calendar for a while now and was hoping it would be a new sculpt or at least he would be in a new position, but it looks to be exactly the same as the original SSJ Vegetto, except this time he has the translucent SSJ hair.

This is one of my favorite figure lines and I’m hoping they come out with a lot more figures. Usually they only release two new figures per year with UI Sign Goku and DBS Android 17 last year. Figures that I’d like to see are an updated Android 18 (maybe with Marron since 17 came with the Grand Zenos), DBS Future Trunks, Beerus, Whis, and Krillyn. Golden Oozaru from GT would be nice since they did all the SSJ4 variations, and maybe some characters from the Saiyan Saga would be nice too, thinking of Oozaru Vegeta.

Cost is 13000 yen so about $130 with a February, 2021 release date. BBTS usually has these, but no pre-order yet and you can also order directly from Japanese retailers, but they do require payment up front and shipping may cost more due to current shipping restrictions.