Funko POP! ‘Baseball Goku & Vegeta’ Two Pack Revealed

We just posted about this BoxLunch Exclusive two pack yesterday and we’ve already got a photo of the actual product to show you.

There’s a Boxlunch exclusive on the way from Funko, it will be a two pack featuring Goku and Vegeta in baseball uniforms. The character designs are in reference to Dragon Ball Super episode #70, in which we see a baseball game take place among various characters from the series.
In the way of two packs from Funko, I think this was a great choice of character designs. Wouldn’t mind seeing Piccolo and Yamcha in baseball costumes for another two pack release. I also wouldn’t mind a Goku and Piccolo two pack from the episode in which they learn to drive. Until then, this is a great release to enjoy.
The two pack will be available, and exclusive to, Boxlunch stores. You can expect it to drop September, 25th 2019. So be ready!
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4 years ago

Not related to this particular product, but wanted to see what you all thought about potential increases in pricing for figures if tariffs are implemented? And how much would it have to rise before you stopped buying? For a $50 figuarts figure, a 10% increase would be $55, a 25% increase would be $62.5, and a 30% increase would be $65. On a pricier figure this would be more, but I think if it doesn’t cross the $75 line for regular figures and $100 for the larger figures, i would continue to buy. Not sure if they would be able to make it cheaper as i wouldn’t want them to go with cheaper parts, etc.