Funko POP! ‘Baseball Goku & Vegeta’ Two Pack

There’s a Boxlunch exclusive on the way from Funko, it will be a two pack featuring Goku and Vegeta in baseball uniforms. The character designs are in reference to Dragon Ball Super episode #70, in which we see a baseball game take place among various characters from the series.

In the way of two packs from Funko, I think this was a great choice of character designs. Wouldn’t mind seeing Piccolo and Yamcha in baseball costumes for another two pack release. I also wouldn’t mind a Goku and Piccolo two pack from the episode in which they learn to drive. Until then, this is a great release to enjoy.

The two pack will be available, and exclusive to, Boxlunch stores. You can expect it to drop September, 25th 2019. So be ready!

Majin Rob
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