Edit: Frieza Fourth Form Again – S.H. Figuarts

Just announced on the official Dragon Ball website is a new coloring for Frieza in his fourth form. I think this is a lazy attempt at figure making as this is will be the third iteration of his third form while there still isn’t a second or the third xenomorph form. From the pictures the color looks cooler than the original, but it will be hard to tell until a side by side can be made. This would be an easy skip for me, but he does come with the five star namekian dragon ball so if you want to complete that set, you will need this figure.

No word on cost, but this figure will be available in February of 2022. Let me know if you plan to order this in the comments.

Edit: Looks like Cool Dakota was right, this figure is listed for $34.99. You can pre-order here at BBTS!


  1. I’m hearing rumors that he’ll be $35, so if he becomes a standard figure that isn’t hard to find, like SRoE Goku, that would be fantastic. Freeza is one of the most iconic fictional villains out there, he deserves to be readily available like this.

    Also, apparently his Dragon Ball isn’t the normal 5-Star one, but rather a glowing “activated” variant, but I’m not certain.

    • If it is 35 that would be easier to swallow and even better if this is a normal release. Lately every premium release has been 65.

      And I think it’s just the namekian dragon ball started not too long ago with the Ginyu force.

      • Yeah, several websites are saying this figure is going to be alongside Goku as an entry-level figure, so $35 and he’ll be available in retail stores like Target.

        I can tell that the face sculpts are a little different, more detailed compared to the 2.0 Freeza.

        I absolutely plan to pick up a few of this guy, though. There’s so many customs that can be made with him!

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