Dragon Ball Adverge 8

The mini figure line, Dragon Ball Adverge, will be launching its eighth wave of figures in September, 2018. The figures will be retailing for 540JPY / $4.89~ and are sold as “mystery figures”, meaning when you buy a figure you don’t know which one you’re getting until it has been opened.

Dragon Ball Adverge figures measure in at a height of just under two inches with a deformed / enlarged head. Each wave also has a mystery figure, which I’m not including in this post to maintain the element of surprise for collectors. But.. I can’t stop those who know from exposing the mystery figure in the comments!

Dragon Ball Adverge 8


If you can’t wait for Dragon Ball Adverge 8 to arrive to get your hands on some of these mini figures, then you can jump on Adverge 7 when it launches in June, 2018. 



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  • sharinganmor92

    I hate that gt has representation in almost every line except figuarts I’ve been begging for the ss4 goku so long

    • MajinRob

      I agree. I actually like Dragon Ball GT and more so, love the character designs.