Dragon Ball Super Divers

This made a lot of news in social media since it was announced, but the official site just announced a new digital card game for arcades in Japan called Dragon Ball Super Divers. Based on the interview with the producer Akai, it looks like this game will be replacing Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Expectedly, many players of SDBH are upset about this because it looks like all the years spent collecting those cards will be for nothing as they seem to have been abandoned by the new game. But in the interview, the producer mentioned that there will be a SDBH mode in Super Divers so players of the old game will still be able to use their cards. How this will work is not fully explained as it seems like this feature is still in the works.

The game machine is of course Japan only since there are very few arcades left in the US. It has a huge three panel screen, which is three times bigger than SBDH machines and also plenty of lights so you can find it when you enter an arcade. In the trailer, the player has some cards so I’m assuming there are new Super Divers cards you will need to purchase either physically or digitally to play.

Now I dont play these card games or any Dragon Ball card games for that matter, but it sure seems like there are way too many card games for DB. They really need to consolidate everything into one game and make it so you can play online at an arcade with the machine of offline like you do with other card games. If you are into card games, let me know in the comments what you think about this and if you think SDBH players are being abandoned.

The last SDBH tournament will be meteor mission and you still have time to enter if you are in Japan. They will release more information on the new card game at the Jump Victory Carnival 2024 at Makuhari Messe on July 21st. Check out the trailer and full interview below:

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